Computer Science Education Week–Dec. 7-13, 2015

As's third annual Hour of Code approaches, the computer science education non-profit is enticing kids to spend some time coding through some big name partnerships with Disney and Minecraft. The Hour of Code is an initiative in the form of a one-hour introduction to computer science. Anyone can sign up through the website. It's available at any time, but the big push comes during Computer Science Education Week, Dec. 7-13. So far, more than 138,803,502 students have completed thei...

6 Reasons Why Chromebooks Are the Device of the Moment

Chromebooks are the device of the moment, with 2.5 million shipped to schools in the first half of this year alone. There’s no doubt they’re trendy, but is there any deeper reasons for the sales surge beyond appearance and affordability?  Stephen Noonoo and Chris Scott joined host Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio in which they discussed 6 reasons for the Chromebook's trendsetting status. Google’s name has staying power. Chromebooks have some surface-level advantages. It works. ...

The Learning Network for Chromebooks

The Learning Network and everything they publish, as well as all the content from The New York Times that they link to, is free and and accessible without a digital subscription. Here’s what they got on their blog and how you can use it, whether you’re a teacher, a student (of any age) or a parent. Over the summer they added some new things and tweaked some old. In the blog by  Katherine Schulten you’ll find details about their brand-new Film Club, their revamped News Q’s and Word of the D...

6 Tips for Managing the 1:1 Classroom

Allow students to become the experts, to collaborate, and to create authentic learning opportunities with technology. 1.  DEVELOP EFFECTIVE DEVICE PROCEDURES--The more you can plan your strategies and procedures before the start of the year, the better off you will be. 2.  EMPOWER STUDENTS BY HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE--Whenever possible, allow students to make the device their own. 3.  CREATE AN ONLINE HOME--Whether it’s a Google Site, Schoology, Google Classroom, or another platform...

How to Make Music on a Chromebook

Both musicians and admins may not realize how far music apps that work on a Chromebook have advanced. The following three apps let you make music with nothing more than a browser and an internet connection. music notation to the browser. Create an account, login, and create a score. Listen to your composition played back with simulated instruments. Revise your work from almost any browser or device. Print your score or share it online for others to see and hear. Notefligh...

New Google Classroom Features (Mobile App)

A year ago Google announced that Google Classroom was coming.  After more than 20 updates based on teacher request, Google has increased the mobile functionality for teachers.  Features include: 1.  Grade assignments from your phone or tablet, add private feedback to give students guidance, encouragement, constructive criticism or personalized feedback, and return the assignment. 2.  Create and edit assignments on the go, including the ability to make a copy for every student. 3.  Take a ...

Chromebook Tutorials on You Tube

Chromebooks have been growing to be the #1 device in educational 1:1 computer programs.  As students use the devices, there will be some minor repairs that need to be completed on the Chromebooks.  AGI has created a series of step-by-step tutorials on the most common repairs. You can do these repairs on your own or have our professionally trained technicians do the repair for you. Here are some of the popular Chromebooks that we have tutorials available for you: Acer 720  Ch...

Chromebook: Google Drive Tricks

Google Drive Symbol
1.  Work offline:  Google Drive has an "offline" mode that lets you create, view or edit documents in these situations. 2.  Search for links from within a document: Just highlight some text, select Insert>Link, and type your search into the link dialog box that appears. 3.  Keep track of revision history:  to see the revision of a Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings file, click File>See revisions history.  4.  Use the web clipboard:  lets you copy and paste data across Docs, Sheets...

Video interview with a Chromebook

chromebookvideo-you tube
1.  PREPARE:  Plan your questions first, carefully select your place for the interview, and finally make sure your Chromebook battery is fully charged. 2.  RECORD VIDEO:  Set your Chromebook on a stable surface, open your browser to to record, do a brief recording to test your video and audio, speak naturally and keep your eye contact on the camera or the interviewee. 3.  EDIT:  Edit your video with the, add credits and the date of the interview, add ...

Chromebooks and Chrome OS Updates

photo-Chrome OS
1.  Chrome OS upgrades happen automatically and quietly, with no annoying delays or notifications. 2.  Chrome OS upgrades arrive every two to three weeks--sometimes even more frequently--regardless of what device you have. 3.  You can step up your Chrome OS update schedule and get early access to new features if you want. 4.  You can slways find out what's new in a Chrome OS update--if you know where to look. 5.  Chrome OS devices don't receive updates forever, but they do get them f...