10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Chromebook Master

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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Chromebook Master 1) Save files straight to Google Drive:Chromebooks have limited local storage, but you’re encouraged not to use it, and Google Drive appears as an option whenever you download something from the web. 2) Use Google Drive offline: Chromebooks have slowly been getting better at working without an internet connection, and Google’s office suite has been leading the way. You can create, edit, and view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without...

Chromebook Comparison and 2016 Buyer’s Guide

  Chromebook Comparison and 2016 Buyer's Guide Everything you need to know about choosing the best Chromebook! What is a Chromebook? A Chromebook is a notebook which comes with Google's Chrome OS operating system instead of Windows or Mac OS X. Chromebooks all conform to a certain set of specifications set out by Google and are designed with portability, long battery life, and ease of use in mind. Chromebooks tend to be priced less than most Windows and Mac laptops because Chrome OS...

Everything You Can Do Offline With A Chromebook

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Everything You Can Do Offline With A Chromebook Create and edit documents As you might expect, Google is at the forefront of adding offline features to Chrome OS. Google Drive had offline support for a while, and it’s great to use. You can create, view and edit files, with changes automatically synced back to the cloud as soon as connection is restored. Search through and write emails With Gmail Offline and its optimizer extension installed on your Chromebook, you can compose new emails an...

How To Print From A Chromebook

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How To Print From A Chromebook If you’re looking on how to install and use a printer with your Chromebook, you came to the right place. Even though it should be simple, it isn’t and there are a few steps you need to follow. Here it goes! Before beginning, you should know that you cannot connect the Chromebook to the printer through a USB cable and expect for it to work. You also have to consider that the Chrome OS won’t allow you to install any drivers and that the Chromebooks can’t find o...

8 High-Quality OER Collections

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8 High-Quality OER Collections Finding high-quality open educational resources used to be a challenge, but a number of curated OER collections have made the task much easier for educators. Here are eight sources that can help. 1. CK-12 Foundation CK-12 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers free, standards-aligned content in STEM subjects, including digital textbooks and simulations.  The content reportedly works across all platforms and devices, including iPads, Chromebooks...

Google Apps Are Changing the Classroom

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10 Reasons why Google Apps are Changing the Classroom 1) Truly Collaborative Learning Through applications like Docs (Google’s Word), Sheets (Google’s Excel) and Slides (Google’s Powerpoint), children can work on documents, data projects and presentations in a live collaborative environment. Essentially a teacher can share a piece of work (in the aforementioned formats) on Drive (the google cloud based storage solution) that multiple children can access all at once. 2) Live Teacher Coll...

5 Google Drive Tips

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5 Google Drive Tips Start using these lesser-known keyboard shortcuts The standard shortcuts in Google Drive (for features like cut, paste, select all, print) all work as expected, but there are other shortcuts you'll want to know. Send large files to others Many sharing services limit the size of files you can send to other users; you can get around this with Google Drive. Make use of the revision history As you make edits to your files, Google Drive retains a revision history. You can al...

Using the Web on Your Chromebook

There are some incredible tools and resources on the web that will engage students and amplify learning. While it might be the perfect addition to that new lesson, Michael Gorman suggest taking a moment to pause and reflect before introducing it in the classroom. While the internet and technology provide some amazing educational possibilities, educators must do the proper preparation to ensure student privacy and safety when using these tools. Let’s take a moment to explore some of these ...

Free Hands-on Science Activities

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The Exploratorium, in San Francisco, has launched Science Snacks, a great collection of hands-on science lessons for middle school and high school students. Science Snacks features activities that can be conducted with inexpensive and readily available materials. Each Science Snack comes with a materials list and step-by-step directions. Science Snacks are also accompanied by a written explanation of the science at work in the activity. Many Science Snacks, like Penny Battery, include video ...

You Tube Tool for Teachers

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  ViewPure allows you to watch YouTube videos in a clean and distraction-free interface. All the distracting features such as ads, related videos, and comments are removed providing students with an ideal environment for watching educational videos. We said minimum because some ads are integrated with YouTube videos and ViewPure can not remove them. ViewPure also enables users to customize the URL's of videos they like.  Most custom URL's are kept indefinitely, though some are pru...