Google Science Fair 2016

2016 Google Science Fair
Google Science Fair 2016 is back again and open for submissions! This year, we’re encouraging students all over the world to make something better with science. Maybe it’s making something slower or faster. Louder or larger. Whatever it is, science is how you make things better and Google Science Fair is where you do it. From pedal-powered vaccine delivery to finding new objects in our universe or increasing access to clean water, our 2015 winners asked some serious questions about the wo...

Google Science Fair 2015

1.  Who do you know that is ready to change the world?  This is a global online competition open to students from 13-18 years old. 2.  Teachers, Parents, and other followers, share this information with your students/children or any young scientific mind, get them thinking of what they can invent to possible change the world. 3.  Don't procrastinate, become familiar with all the rules, the deadline to sign up is May 18, 2015.  There is a wealth of information with all the rules and g...