Video interview with a Chromebook

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1.  PREPARE:  Plan your questions first, carefully select your place for the interview, and finally make sure your Chromebook battery is fully charged. 2.  RECORD VIDEO:  Set your Chromebook on a stable surface, open your browser to to record, do a brief recording to test your video and audio, speak naturally and keep your eye contact on the camera or the interviewee. 3.  EDIT:  Edit your video with the, add credits and the date of the interview, add ...

Chromebooks and Chrome OS Updates

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1.  Chrome OS upgrades happen automatically and quietly, with no annoying delays or notifications. 2.  Chrome OS upgrades arrive every two to three weeks--sometimes even more frequently--regardless of what device you have. 3.  You can step up your Chrome OS update schedule and get early access to new features if you want. 4.  You can slways find out what's new in a Chrome OS update--if you know where to look. 5.  Chrome OS devices don't receive updates forever, but they do get them f...

Servicing over 1,500+ School Districts

Here are the services we are providing school districts:  Over 3 Million Dollars in Spare Parts LCDs and Touch Screens AC Adaptors and Batteries Keyboards and System Boards Original Plastic Case Parts We specialize in parts for all Mobile Devices Chromebooks Notebooks and Netbooks Tablets and Phablets IPADS and MacBook's Repairing System Boards for all Chromebooks (All Brands) IPADS (All Generations) MACBOOK Pro and Air Notebooks (All Major Brands) ...

5 Chromebook Tips and Tricks

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With all the various apps and tools that are now available on your Chromebook, here are some tips to fine-tune your Chromebook for greater productivity. 1.  Arrange your self:  you can relocate your self to the left or the right side of the screen, but not the top. 2.  Customize the app launcher: simply by clicking and holding on the app to move it where you want it. 3.  Focus on your task by going full-screen:  you can auto-hide the shelf and expand the tab you are working on to go ful...

Chromebook Battery

1.  Dim the screen, the brighter the screen, the more juice it uses from the battery. 2.  Disable Bluetooth and LTE, turning off the radio connections when not in use will increase your battery life. 3.  Find out which web pages use the most battery, on the current developer release of ChromeOS, you can find out which websites use the most battery life. 4. Limit Open Tabs, each tab gets its on chunk of memory, which works the CPU more, causing battery drainage. 5.  Power off, by just...

Google Science Fair 2015

1.  Who do you know that is ready to change the world?  This is a global online competition open to students from 13-18 years old. 2.  Teachers, Parents, and other followers, share this information with your students/children or any young scientific mind, get them thinking of what they can invent to possible change the world. 3.  Don't procrastinate, become familiar with all the rules, the deadline to sign up is May 18, 2015.  There is a wealth of information with all the rules and g...

Dell 11 Chromebook

New Dell 11 Chromebook A few highlights of the upgrade: 11.6" anti-glare high-definition (HD) display with optional touchscreen Wireless 2X2 LAN 802.11 ac chip for Bluetooth 4.0 Front facing integrated HD video web cam 180 degree barrel hinge making it possible to lay flat on the desk and students can pick it up by the screen without breaking Rubberized edges to shield against bumps and falls Liquid resistant keyboard and touch-pad Multicolor interactive light built in to th...

Chromebook in Education Services

As a tool to help support your Chromebook in Education program, we want to tell you a little about the services we have to offer: 1.  We deliver high quality technical support to schools across the United States for their Chromebook 1:1 Program, notebook computers, Apple MacBook's and IPAD devices. 2.   We stock critical inventory within easy reach of your locations for quick turnarounds. 3.   Our sophisticated repair facilities and professional team carry out component level r...