HP Chromebook 11 G4

hp-11-g4_011 chromebook
HP is getting ready to launch a new Chrome OS Chromebook with a lower starting price of $199.00.  Based on a Press Release October 19, 20015 from HP, the price options are a little higher than originally expected at $249.99 or $279.99, some models are available now and others will be available starting November the 8th.  It will feature 2GB or 4GB RAM, 16GB of storage, an Intel Celeron N2840 Bay Trail processor, and Google's Chrome operating system. Other features include USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 po...

Acer Chromebase DC221HQ

The Acer Chromebase DC221HQ series features two models one with touchscreen (available in July) and one without (available this month). Equipped with a 21.5 inch 1080p HD display, with a tilt-able stand adjustable from 15 to 75 degree.  Inside, an NVIDIA Tegra K1 quad-core processor and a 16 GB solid state drive, and boots up in about 10 seconds. Other features include 4GB of DDR3 1600Mhz memory, built-in HD webcam, two 3W audio speakers, HDMI out, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, WiFi and Bluetoo...

Acer C738T convertible Chromebook

acer-c738t chromebook
Acer is reportedly working on a new Chromebook which will be the company's first model to feature a convertible design.  According to WinFuture, it will have an 11.6 inch touchscreen display and a 360 degree hinge, so you can hold the computer like a tablet, weighing about 3.1 pounds. The Acer C738T Chromebook could also be one of the first models to ship with the Intel Braswell chip. WinFuture reports the Acer C738T is said to feature and Intel Celeron N3150 processor.  Also feature 4GB o...

EduGear Chromebooks

Another supplier, CDI, has announced 6 new Chromebooks for the education market.  The new Chromebooks will feature rugged cases and are available with up to a 4-year warranty. EduGear M2 and M4: feature Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processors, 16 GB of storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, 2 USB ports, HDMI and headset jacks, and SD card slots.  Staring at $179.00. EduGear J2 and J4: are similar to the M series, but features a 3400mAh battery for up to 9 hours of run time, a 1.3MP ca...

New Google Classroom Features (Mobile App)

A year ago Google announced that Google Classroom was coming.  After more than 20 updates based on teacher request, Google has increased the mobile functionality for teachers.  Features include: 1.  Grade assignments from your phone or tablet, add private feedback to give students guidance, encouragement, constructive criticism or personalized feedback, and return the assignment. 2.  Create and edit assignments on the go, including the ability to make a copy for every student. 3.  Take a ...

2 in 1 Chromebooks

Citing sources from within the upstream supply chain, Digitimes says Intel is planning to partner with Google and notebook players like Asus, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Quanta Computer, and Pegatron Technology to launch convertible Chromebooks next quarter. Initially these will be 11-inch to 13-inch devices. The first 2 in 1 Chromebook was manufactured by Lenova, staring at $449.00, the ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook was released in Aug. 2014.  To get the complete specs on the Thinkpa...

Chromebook Tutorials on You Tube

Chromebooks have been growing to be the #1 device in educational 1:1 computer programs.  As students use the devices, there will be some minor repairs that need to be completed on the Chromebooks.  AGI has created a series of step-by-step tutorials on the most common repairs. You can do these repairs on your own or have our professionally trained technicians do the repair for you. Here are some of the popular Chromebooks that we have tutorials available for you: Acer 720  Ch...

Chromebook Cheap and Unique Devices

Image:  Google To further place their stamp on mobility, Google has unveiled a few new devices: 1.  Chromebit:  Chrome on a stick, these will be sub-$100.00 usb devices that plug into a TVs HDMI port to turn that device into full-blown Chrome OS computer.  Available in the summer of 2015. 2.  Asus Chromebook Flip:  The touchscreen-enabled Flip can be used in either laptop or tablet mode.  10.1 inch display, is .6 inches thick, and weighs under 2 pounds.  There will be two models startin...

Chromebook Comparision Chart

Thinking of buying a new Chromebook but not sure which one to choose? Zipso has put together one of the most comprehensive and detailed comparison charts to help you make your decision about the best Chromebook for your school.  Whether you are looking for the best price (check with various vendors), performance, power, battery life an etc., the updated table (April 4, 2015) in the article by Zipso, can help you with your decision.  The updated table is nicely broken down by the date of r...

Chromebook: Google Drive Tricks

Google Drive Symbol
1.  Work offline:  Google Drive has an "offline" mode that lets you create, view or edit documents in these situations. 2.  Search for links from within a document: Just highlight some text, select Insert>Link, and type your search into the link dialog box that appears. 3.  Keep track of revision history:  to see the revision of a Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings file, click File>See revisions history.  4.  Use the web clipboard:  lets you copy and paste data across Docs, Sheets...