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view pure

ViewPure allows you to watch YouTube videos in a clean and distraction-free interface. All the distracting features such as ads, related videos, and comments are removed providing students with an ideal environment for watching educational videos. We said minimum because some ads are integrated with YouTube videos and ViewPure can not remove them.

ViewPure also enables users to customize the URL’s of videos they like.  Most custom URL’s are kept indefinitely, though some are pruned if they have not been viewed at least 10  times in the last 6 months.  You can also use it to preview  YouTube videos with a cleaner UI and filtered results.

The only drawback to ViewPure is that some videos are not allowed to be embedded and will not show up in your search results.  However the process to purify a video is very simple, simply by copying and pasting the YouTube URL into the ViewPure homepage and clicking on “Purify”.

Details on ViewPure in this post are based on an article published in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

One thought on “You Tube Tool for Teachers

  1. Jonah Zaibel says:

    I am aware there are lots of opera addons that help take care of saving images, but what I is specifically looking pertaining to is, one which can allow myself to simply insert the picture link but it will surely download the picture from that hyperlink.. Reason getting, the images I am saving is definitely has their own specific link instead of on the same web page itself..

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